Dancing, as is well known, is a way of expression. But what does Argentine tango express? At first glance, certainly intense feelings such as passion and eroticism. Watching many couples while they dance, these feelings are evident just in their eyes. At second glance though, why should someone choose Argentine tango?

A way to escape from everyday life

Nowadays, in a difficult time when stress, sadness and low self-esteem prevails, tango may be considered as a cure. It is not by chance that in the biggest hospital of mental illness in Buenos Aires,“tangotherapy” is being used, during which doctors and nurses dance the tango with their patients.

The leading dance partner pulls the strings

The leader, guided by the rhythm of the music, decides which move will come next and the follower has no choice but to “listen” and follow his lead. A characteristic of Argentine tango is the fact that it is a highly improvisational dance. This means that there are no specific moves, it only requires communication between the couple through their embrace.

Tango nights, known as milongas, are being held almost every night

For those of you who want to dedicate one of their nights to tango, tango parties, known as milongas, are being held almost every night in Athens. You can go dance all night long, practice, meet friends, new people and have a good time.

Contact with other people

You are in a new environment with new people, all having something in common, the Argentine tango. You can make new friends and acquaintances either in class or at tango parties.

The embrace

It may be difficult to embrace people you don’t know, but tango helps you familiarize with this idea. As a result, you are not tightened up when interacting with other people and you achieve full consciousness of your movements.

Walking, balance, walking, balance …

The whole dance is based on good body balance and walking … but with someone else. When you walk with someone, it means that when one stops, the other must stop too, and when one starts walking again, the other must do the same, which is exactly what should be done in tango. Furthermore, before the couple embraces, it is important that each one of them has found his axis of symmetry equilibrium, so as to have control of their body at anytime. These also contribute to maintaining a good body posture, not only when dancing the tango but also in daily life.

Different dances in a single night

There is a huge variety of dances in tango. Every new partner equals with a different kind of dance. Why? Because each dancer has his own style and each couple has its own chemistry. Thus, in a single night, one could profit from all these different special dances.

Get in touch with the Argentinean culture and music

You get to learn many things about Argentina, famous Argentinean dancers and their music. You can only love them.

It doesn’t take any specific competences in order to dance

The only thing that is required is love for tango and communication between the dance partners. On the one hand, the leader needs to respect the follower and try to express clearly all the moves, and on the other hand the follower needs to be as relaxed as possible so as to follow her dance partner’s lead.