Teaching Method

Sistema Dinzel

The teaching method that CATEDRAL uses is the famous «SISTEMA DINZEL», created by the great maestros Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel. We are its official representatives in Greece.

This system is also used at the CETBA (Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires) and other major schools of tango in the world.

The Dinzel system is the result of many years of observation, research and knowledge transfer of Tango dancing, developed by Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel. It is a collection of the key elements that define the aesthetics of Tango Argentino. The result is a detailed technique that allows each student to build their own dynamics and their own individuality within a group.

The Dinzel system distinguishes improvisation as the dominant stone to the edifice called Tango, which allows anyone to dance freely but with respect to each other, sharing the same space and time …….

“The only truth is freedom, a man’s instinct to express himself through Tango as a dynamic symbol and uses improvisation as its unique mechanics .» Rodolfo Dinzel