Catedral, one of the most specialized Argentine Tango schools in Greece, is an atmospheric studio (Estudio de Tango) giving group and individual lessons  to all those who want not only to dance but also to express themselves, to communicate through this dance, his steps, his music. Tango, Walsh and Milonga lessons are part of the classes, a practica is organized every Wednesday and a milonga every second Saturday at Ambelokipi area in Athens.


Super Offer in Tango Beginners Courses…!

Learn to dance Argentine Tango!

New beginners classes on Monday 7.30-9.00pm. with a super offer of 45 € for two months (January and February).

Make your registration directly by email at

* Free registration.
* Discount to unemployed, students and couples.

* Valid until January 15!

Argentine Tango Teachers Certification

Do you want to work professionally with Argentine Tango?

The Catedral Estudio de Tango, as the official representative of the international organization Tango Los Dinzel Asociacion Civil in Greece, is your choice.
On Saturday, 6 OCTOBER 2018, the Argentine Tango instructor training course, Sistema Dinzel, begins under the auspices of the Argentine Embassy in Greece.

For more information click here: Tango Teacher Training