Our team consists of professional teachers and artists.

Ariel Horacio Fuhr & Peggy Dadaki

Ariel Fuhr and Peggy Dadaki met in Buenos Aires in 2006 and since then, they live and work together. Their love for tango is deeply expressed both through teaching and dancing. They are both students of the great teacher Rodolfo Dinzel. They work on technical improvisation, on communication of the couple, on authenticity of the movement. In this way dancing aquires dynamics, clarity, imagination … sense (emotion/passion)…. They teach and dance in various Tango Festivals in Greece and abroad as well as participate in Tango performances with major dance companies.

Together they created CATEDRAL, a school of Tango Argentino in Athens,. They teach the “SISTEMA DINZEL” being the official representatives in Greece of DINZEL INTERNACIONAL and giving the opportunity for professional dancers to obtain a Teaching Tango Certificate.


George Panagiotopoulos

George Panagiotopoulos started dancing in 1997, one of the first that dealt professionally with the Salsa in Greece. Since 2004 teaches Tango Argentino after attending a series of seminars by teachers As these Gustavo Naveira, Sebastian Arce, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Sebastian Achaval and others. The teaching is based on the combination of technique and musicality.

Maria Bachlava

She is a psychological psychotherapist. Maria started to work on tango in 2014 and was in love with this dance from the first … step! In the first month, her left hand (the hand of Tango’s embrace) was “decorated” by a couple dancing Tango … Maria was already Tanguera! Since then she has been involved with the Tango dance, with countless hours of work and training, as well as many seminars she has attended. She has participated in the Tango theatrical performance “Tango Y Libertad” with the dance group Compañia Dinzel. Her dedication and study of Argentine culture made her acquire the Tango Sistema Dinzel teaching certificate in 2017.

Chrysa Petropoulou

She is an architect and definitely a Milonguera.
Chrysa started her dance course at the age of 4, attending classes of classical ballet, rythmic and traditional dances. She first came into contact with the tango in 2014. Her love for Tango seemed from the first lessons. He dedicated hours of work, training and attended many seminars. Since then she has been involved with this dance. She has participated in the Tango theatrical performance “Tango Y Libertad” with the dance group Compañia Dinzel.
Her admiration and her passion for Argentine culture prompted her in 2017 to obtain the Tango Sistema Dinzel teaching accreditation.

Harris Sioufas

Greek traditional dances were just the beginning …. When Harris met the Argentinean Tango in 2010, Tango had already chosen him …. Since then, he has dedicated himself to this dance and his culture, and in 2014, he won the first place in the Tango Acropolis (Mediterranean & Eastern Europe Championship) in the Tango de Pista, and next year he participated in the semifinals of the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires. He has participated in Tango performances and has performed shows in milongas. His priority is to understand and respect the culture of tango through its history, music and “codes”, and its dissemination as a social dance.

Vivi Perimeni

Paraskevi Perimeni has completed the educational programs 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Traning and Yogaphoria Prenatal Teacher Traning and Women’s Health Education Path, under the aupices of Studio One, a Yoga Alliance Certified educational institution.

She is a member of Yoga Alliance (Registry ID: 168681) and the Concept System by Studio One.

She loves to dance argentine tango, contemporary dance and contemporary dance perthering.